A long line of dietary blunders and truffles

Ok, so I had birthday cake and pizza at the beginning of the month and truffles and Chinese on Valentines. So what? So I think I have finally learned that I have to plan for those times too. The only way that I know of to avoid take out or being surprised with sweets to to make sure that there are healthy choices for me where ever I go no matter what the occasion. I have also learned that if I forget to set up a tray with my supplements (vitamins D,E and C, calcium ,l-tyrosine,fish oil and B 100’s) I will suffer with insomnia and more pain as well as less energy. If I don’t set up the tray I just forget to take them altogether. I have another tray dedicated to my other meds that I need to take before getting out of bed and at bedtime. I noticed too that my favorite sodium drink contains sugar while I had thought it was sweetened with stevia so I cant take that anymore. So for the sodium it is back to taking baking soda and vitamin C in a glass of water which is helpful but it doesn’t come in nice little packets to just toss in a purse or pocket. My neck is a mess and the muscles in my legs,back and neck feel like cement so I am having to do a lot of trigger point work on the which is excruciating so I really need to try to keep the overall pain level down just to have the nerve to start the triggerpoint work. I use a collection of tennis and other balls to lay on the floor and apply pressure to the area that I am working on while I listen to meditation music and deep breathing then I stretch all of the muscles that I worked on and it helps for a while. I don’t know why my trigger points don’t get better unless it has something to do with the dysautonomia and nerve damage. As is the norm lately, I cant keep my thoughts straight so I will catch ya next time.


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