Power Recliner? Who knew?

Not me that is for sure!. My parents gave me some money back in December to buy a new recliner because I spend so much time in mine and the spring broke so it really hurt to reach the button bang it in and then rock the chair to get it to recline. So off we went to look for a new chair and the last chair I tried when I pushed the button the chair started to recline on its own!! I checked and sure enough it was a power recliner. And a lot more money than we planned to spend but oh so comfy! Well as I always do when I got home I got on-line to do some research. There are lots of power recliners, some are also lift chairs but I don’t need that and they cost more but I tried some anyway. Eventually I settled on the chair I got and it came on Saturday and even though it is Wednesday I still forget that all I have to do is sit get comfy and then just push a button to reline all the way to flat if I need to.Its wonderful. it looks nice too and Ralphy sleeps in it when I goto bed (if he beats Abby to it).I feel so lucky with my new power recliner and my new Kindle to read from while I recline. What luxury : )


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