Service Dogs (you must be disabled and your dog must be trained to mitigate your disability) Its the law.

I am so lucky that I have Ralph. I know that he is just a gift from heaven. He just came at a time when I needed him and had the perfect disposition and work ethic to become my wonderful service dog.He retrieve all kinds of things, remote,phone,purse,clothes off floor, laundry from dryer into basket, drags laundry bag to washer, carries grocery bags and even applies pressure to my legs or back to help with pain. He also alerts me to POTS episodes and he will block me from standing or walking if I might fall. He also is trained to brace for me so that I can get up from the floor or chair and not fall. I trained him myself and believe me that is no small task! If you are interested you can read more about that in my service dog blog. If you think that a service dog can be a help to you you should research the idea very carefully. I don’t think most people can train their own service dog or even choose the right dog to train. And then what do you do when your choice doesn’t work out? It has happened to me twice. Lots of people choose a dog and then try to force it to be a service dog and it often ends badly. I was unbelievably lucky to find Ralph and he has been a huge help to me for 7 years now but i don’t know what I will do when he needs to retire which is possible at any time. He turns 8 in a week and he has had his share of skin and thyroid problems.I have been training dogs all my life but I really had no idea of what I was getting into when I decided to train my own service dog or what kind of dog was needed. Imagine a dog that gets grabbed and hugged by unsupervised little kids and parents alike and he has to either enjoy it or tolerate it but as his human partner and I tell you that after the 10th time someone tries to pet him or talk to him while he is working I just want to bite them myself! Rant over …. Please do lots of research and know what you might be getting into.


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