Healthy people (from 5/9/2009 ) are you grateful?

Do you take for granted your ability to get up shower and get dressed?

how much energy does it take to put on makeup and style your hair?

Can you stand right up from bed and just walk to the bathroom?

Can you stay up long enough to get some coffee or let out the dog?

Were you able to pick up after yourself last night so you arent tripping over things left for a better time?

Can you run to the drugstore for some cold meds to help you feel better?

Or make your own tea when you feel queezy?

Are your eyes too dry to read or watch tv?

Do you feel well enough to have sex ? Do you still feel well enough to be happy about it if you did?

Can you work and provide for yourself?

Can you go out and shop if there is a great sale?

I guess I really just want to know if you are grateful for health if you have it? Do you understand that many many people do not.


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