Dysautonomias,POTS, FIBRO,IST, CMPS and hypothyroid / low adrenal function

Ok, so I have POTS, IST, Fibromyalgia,chronic myofascial pain,hypothyroid, nerve damage which is causing the POTS and IST. All of that means my autonomic nervous system is’t working right. When I stand up my heart races and my blood pressure rises then drops so sometimes I drop with it. I don’t pass out because i get lots of warnings and I get myself to a chair or the floor before that can happen. I am one of the lucky ones, some people just pass right out. Ouch! My nerves are damaged (we are still trying to figure out why) and that is what is causing the dysautonomia (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and inappropriate sinus tachycardia). My digestive system is also affected and so I get nausea,cramping and constipation. My digestion is too slow so I take meds for that. My heart rate and blood pressure go too high so I take meds for that but sometimes it makes both heart rate and blood pressure go too low so I am constantly watching both and adjusting meds for that. I have a lot of pain all over. My internal thermometer is broken so I cant tolerate heat or cold. Once I get over heater or too chilled its very hard to get back to normal. Summer is the worst for me. Everything is worse. I cant stand for very log before I start to sweat and shake get nauseous and weak, breathing hard so I use a wheelchair when I shop and even at home when I am really sick.I always carry a cane and when I am doing better I can sometimes get away with a walker. My service dog goes everywhere with me to help me.My family doesnt get it so if I need help I have to be very specific about what I need even if I always need the same thing 😦 Someday I hope they will understand.


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