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My health is a mess. I am in pain all the time. I have dysautonomia and am hypothyroid. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I use a wheelchair to go out and sometimes at home too. The dysautonomia makes it hard to be upright and causes nausea and vomiting sometimes. I have a wonderful service dog named Ralph that I adore. I also have a elderly Yorkie named Rippy that is blind and deaf but still a sweetie at 16 years old. And I have a husband that has been my sweetheart for the past 10years and his 2 cats, Izzy and Fred. Both my dogs have hypothyroid too.I needed a place to be truthful and open about what I am going through.Please feel free to leave comments and messages in that vein. Please be honest but not abusive. We are all suffering enough, lets at least be kind to each other. Updated 2/6/2011 Rippy has died this past year and so has Fred. We have Abby now, a Great Pyrenees /Collie mix that is almost 3 years old (Charlie’s sister from the same litter). I have a good Neurologist now that is finally treating my Dysautonomia and I also found a wonderful doctor that is treating my hypothyroid,adrenal, vitamin D deficiency and low seretonin levels. Both Doctors are in the next state and I usually arrange to visit them both at the same time to cut down on travel. I have made some improvements and am pretty much living from my recliner now instead of bed which is great.


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