Nausea and cramps :( and a nifty gift from hubby

I must have a intestinal bug because my gut is just so unhappy today. I finally got some relief from drinking some homemade ginger tea but every time I dare eat it comes right back. I am so achy it makes me wonder if I am coming down with something more. With all this lovely snow I cant really get out and do anything so I am just snuggling in with my new Kindle that hubby gave me as an early valentines gift. I had all but stopped reading (which I LOVE!) because holding the books causes me all kinds of pain so he got me this Kindle. Its supposed to be so light weight but I have to say right out of the box it seemed heavy to me. But I did start a book with it last night and I didn’t even get a hand cramp so it looks like this is going to be fun.I think I love my Kindle! I had no idea that you could do so much with these things and there are lots of free books on-line too so it is not a budget killer unless you want it to be.


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