beautiful weather equals feeling terrible

never fails. The weather is gorgeous. I have waited all winter for this. But since it has been so warm my ability to be upright has gone way down. I sat outside waiting for someone for 20 minutes yesterday and have been nauseous and feeling faint ever since. If I stand up I start to sweat and feel faint, then if I don’t lay down the nausea comes. This is from the dysautonomia, when I stand my blood pressure drops too much and my heart races. If I do not sit or lay down I will end up on the floor. Why is it that I feel so much worse on days like this? Days when I should be able to do more and enjoy more. You can take pain killers for pain but the meds I take for this only help a little and that is becasue while I sometimes have high blood pressure the meds that keep that and my heart rate down also sometimes make it too low and that feels pretty much like a racing heart does with palpitations and sweating either way. This has also kept my thyroid from being treated properly because every time my vitals were high they would lower or take me off thyroid blaming that for the increase.

We need cat food so off I go to buy some hoping to be able to stay upright long enough to do that. I should be grocery shopping but that would be way too much for today.


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