What is your goal today?

It seems to me that I have stopped making daily goals like I used to. So I am going to make some now to get back on some kind of track. I have been trying to walk Abby. I have managed to get to the end of my street and to the next telephone pole on the cross street so I am going to make that my first goal.

!. Walk Abby and Ralph to the phone pole and back every day. Or a 10 minute jog with the power chair. I know that sounds easier for me but believe me my back and neck will definitely be hurting from the power chair walk even more than walking on foot.

2. write in my journal daily.

3. spend some special time with my husband every day

4.Eat whole foods every day and remember to drink my salt water

5.Start every day with my simple morning routine

I think that is enough goals for me for now. I am tired just reading them. I haven’t walked a dog in days because of the rain and my neck has not recovered from the hour and a half I spent in power chair trying to avoid nuisance dogs . Our side walks here are horrific and we have been kicked out of the cemetery which is where I have been walking my dogs for almost 20 years. Now they want to give out tickets for even walking in there. My daughter got a ticket for parking on our grass the other day!!! Grass has grown where we used to park so now the city deems it a ticket worthy offense. So now I have to search out routes with the best sidewalks for walking the dogs and it really aggravates me because I don’t allow my dogs to potty on walks and I even carry bags for just in case (actually I give them to other people that don’t bother picking up after their own dogs on walks) and keep the dog on the pavement with me not walking all over the graves or anything.

I would dearly love to be able to take my dogs on real walks. It is supposed to be helpful with pain to exercise but even those little short walks leave me nauseous and in more pain so I don’t know how to get to the point where I can do enough to help.

Well, I am off to find a nice hot rice bag and snuggle my pups for a while.


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