long car trips

I don’t know how a two hour car trip affects most people but for me it is a perfect way to make sure that my pain levels especially in my neck go sky high. I took a car trip yesterday to pick up my new puppy / dog and there was also walking and standing involved and i didn’t get my lunch on the way as I planned (just too excited and forgot to stop). I did plan the trip well other than missing lunch. I had my pillow and other comfort items from home but since I didn’t think we would be gone so long I did not bring any pain meds. In addition to all that I was up all night with the new dog who doesn’t like being crated at all. Needless to say I am wrecked! I don’t have any meds for break though pain so I will be using hot packs and stretching to try to make my stiff body feel better. I had better go walk the dogs so maybe i can get some sleep tonight.


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