Its me, Anne

I decided today that I am sick to death of pretending to be OK. My brother dropped by for a visit because he was in the area (he lives in another state).Of course the house is a disaster and I haven’t had a shower in 2 days so now I feel like I have to be OK enough to entertain my brother. I don’t know why but I hate for people to know how bad a day I may be having. today certainly wasn’t the worst but I usually spend most of my days alone so if I need to use my chair or cane I don’t care but if someone visits I feel somehow that I need to keep my pain to myself. So I fed my brother lunch and sat up with him visiting in the living room when all I really wanted and needed was to lay down and take a pain killer and a nausea pill. I did kind of enjoy the visit but now that he is gone I am in more pain than before he got here. I wont be able to stand or sit long enough to make dinner so it will probably be pizza again tonight. My left hand hurts,so does my neck and back. I have stabbing pains in my right leg and my left leg is throbbing. To make it worse I took extra pain meds because of the dog bite and now I have to reduce my meds so that I don’t run out too early. So I pray that I can sleep tonight with all this pain which usually gets worse not better during the night.


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