Heat packs , mmmm nice

Sometimes there is nothing as nice as a hot rice bag or heating pad on a sore spot. I make all kinds of hot packs usually filling them with rice or corn or the best, split peas and then sewing it up,heating in the microwave and applying to whatever hurts most.For the really lazy just fill a tube sock 3/4 full and tie off the end. Put it inside another tube sock to keep it clean.

I like heating pads too but its not safe to sleep with them so I use the rice packs most. I have one that is about 18 inches square and is divided into small pockets of grain so that whether it is being used flat or folded or rolled it still has lots of heat in each section. I am currently working on one that is the right shape and size to cover my neck, upper back and shoulders and it will be filled with split peas and rice because split peas hold their heat a really long time.


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